I’ve been going to the gym for just over a year now, not that my ever tightening belt has caught on yet, and a question of gym etiquette has been plaguing me for some time. It’s really about whether to look or not to look. At ladies bottoms. Or at least look a statistically insignificant number of times. Obviously in these enlightened days the last thing I want to do is come over as some mouth breathing, neanderthal pervert thus making the fairer sex uncomfortable, but here’s the dilemma, to studiously avoid looking is just as bad as tracking every gym honed derriere within range like some sort of swivel necked escapee from ‘Carry On Up The Monastery’, it just screams that you are utterly obsesssed by ladies bottoms and are so ill at ease with your own sexuality that you are desperate not to show it, every normal red blooded male must occasionally glance at well rounded, gym honed, muscle rippling, walnut cracking rear (Female, we’re talking here, ahem!), even by accident, statistically it has to happen. And they do work so VERY hard on shaping them and then displaying them in what is effectively a second skin of ultra tight lycra, so tight even, they might as well go without (CRIKEY!), so is it being unappreciative of me not to look? Or just plain rude, even?