Yes, it’s been a year since the last office party and in light of last year’s   ‘happenings’ I thought there should be some rules in place to make sure this year’s party goes off without any similar ‘shenanigans’. Firstly, no slagging off the boss.  Now I realise that I’m self employed so this can lead to a certain degree of schizophrenia but then again, I am a Gemini, not that I believe all that astrology nonsense, but while it may help me to rationalise the abuse my patience only goes so far.

Secondly, I’m enforcing a ‘No Flirting’ rule this  year.  I realise that my status as self employed restricts party attendance to just me so opportunities for ‘office romances’ are quite limited, however it’s amazing just how much the spirit of the occasion and a few bottles of cheap Prosecco can lower the inhibitions, I’ll spare you the details just suffice to say that after last year’s do it was 3 months before I could look myself in the eye while shaving in the morning. It was quite a relief to get it all out in the open and admit  that it was just ‘one of those things’ and ‘we’re all adults’ etc and get back to a professional, courteous and efficient working environment with really no need to feel embarrassed.