I happened to reading the Guardian one morning not too long  ago, as any self respecting rock wunderkind does of a Sunday morning, and I was presented with an article concerning a japanese band called Baby Metal. Whilst admittedly, I didn’t have any half moon reading spectacles to peer over and then have slide off my nose in amazement, it wasn’t far off.

I thought they were utterly brilliant, the two younger girls were 12 when the band was formed and the older one was 14. I really , really hope that they were sitting around one day playing with barbie dolls when one of them said “These dolls are really shit, let’s form a metal band!” I doubt that’s the way it happened but I can dream. The track linked above is their best,  typically it has a verse section Slipknot would be proud of followed by a chorus from High School Musical or Glee. When they play live they sometimes have a real band behind them, who are seriously good, or other times they have some dancers dressed in skeleton costumes who make a good fist of it but the amps are not on and they wear gloves, so draw your own conclusions…It is fun to watch them dance though, they give it the full metal monty in the verses then they’re just so jolly in the chorus, check it out here.

Two of my students saw them at Sonisphere this year and said that they were really good. As an act of musical theatre, anything that can make 40,000 metalheads stand there open mouthed and think ‘What the f*ck is this?’ gets my eternal support.